U bent bij Question Degree het beste uit qua e-learning e-toetsing. Een volledig pakket zoals Enquetes, E-Toetsing en Instructievaardigheden in één. Daarnaast krijgt u maximale service ter ondersteuning om effectief te werken.
No Time To Waste!

Subscription choice: (per jaar)
  Freelancers Account 2 Testen,2 Groepen,10 Afnemers,1 Beheerder 1x25mails 30 days Freelancers Account € 0,- € 0,-
  SME Account 10 Testen,5 Groepen,50 Afnemers,1 Beheerder SME Account € 750,- € 750,-
  SME Plus Account 10 Testen,5 Groepen,50 Afnemers,1 Beheerder SME Plus Account € 750,- € 750,-
  Business Account 20 Testen,10 Groepen,225 Afnemers,2 Beheerders Business Account € 2750,- € 2750,-
  Professional Account 25 Testen,10 Groepen,350 Afnemers,2 Beheerders Professional Account € 3750,- € 3750,-

For all subscriptions there is a minimum subscription length of three years.

  • Uitbreiding met overkoepeling van deelnemers en groepen € 550,- p/j.
  • Overview meerdere accounts (vestigingen) (Super Admin) € 750,- p/j.
  • Tablet Zuil Staand: € 850,-
  • Tablet Zuil Uitbreiding op 1 (meerdere vestigingen): € 750,- per zuil / sokkel.
  • Tablet Model Toonbank: € 650,-
  • Jaarlijkse Tables/Zuil Service Kosten: € 150,-
  • Surcharge per admin: € 100,-
  • Surcharge per extra test: € 75,-
  • Surcharge per additional participants*: € 10,-
  • Administration costs: € 59,- per unit.
  • Programmeerkosten: € 89,- per eenheid.
  • Help with creating and maintaining: € 49,- per hour.
  • Looking for a custom subscription? The minimum price per month (valid for at least 1 year) starts at € 75, -.
  •      The other purchased items will be added up. (The minimum subscription length of three years will be cancelled.) Read QD's conditions.

Heeft u een aanbieding ontvangen op een abonnement? Deze is max. 2 maanden geldig t.o.v. briefdatum.

Free license through BV&T Opleiding & Advies: this is determined by BV&T.

  • Example: Online target participants (Training)
  • Example: Intermediate evaluation participants / clients (Training)
  • Example: Final evaluation participants / clients (Training)
  • Optionally: Online syllabi training materials, including feedback forms
  • You will receive your license after finishing a training from BV&T

Terms and Conditions , AVG Privacy & Delivery Agreement

What can you expect?

When you as an admin create a test, you have the option to choose from multiple variants. While other providers lie far behind, we can offer you all kinds of possibilities. As an admin you can place the test in the agenda. When you do this, every participant will receive an automatic e-mail on de desired date. Moreover, you can also see the process of every participant in the E-learning tests. When you decide to make a survey we will give you the possibility to read your findings in an anonymous report (HTML of PDF).

Do you need help? You can always call our employees and developers to ask them your questions. We are always prepared to help you.


When you make a survey you can anonymously test your employees or customers. Afterwards you can read the results in an extensive HTML or PDF report.


When you make an E-learning you can test the knowledge of the participants. You can choose to test them individually, per team or per group. Moreover, you can make as many test as you want. See our subscriptions for more information.


When you choose 'Instricution' you can place a learning path for (new) employees. The participant can read through the learning path and the admin gets to see what information the participant knows.

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